Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts

Curated by Susan Stoops

December 19, 2009 - August 22, 2010

Claire Barclay, Willie Cole, Taylor Davics, Melvin Edwards, Heide Fasnacht, Tony Feher, Jim Isermann, Jim Lambie, Jodie Manasevit, TIm Rollins and K.O.S., Doris Salcedo, Yinka Shonibare & Andrew Wtikin



Alfred North Whitehead, Alvin Krakow, Amy Baker Sandback, Amy Witkin, Andrea Anastasio, Barbara Krakow, Benjamin Chaffee, Brendan Greaves, Brian Zink, Bronlyn Jones, Carla Herrera-Prats, Cary Leibowitz, Chris Boulter, Corey Daniels, David Wojnarowicz, Dick Albright, Donald Judd, Eazy-E, Emily Isenberg, George Lewis, Hannah Burr, Jess Rosner, Joe Scanlan, John Dewey, Judith Butler, Kate Shepherd, Kimon Kirk, Larissa Harris, Manuel De Santaren, Marsha Ginsberg, Martha Rosler, Michael Bernstein, Natalia Porter, Pedro Martinez, Robert Bauer, Roger Witkin, Russell Lamontagne, Ryan Cross, Sanjay Dalela, Shellburne Thurber, Stacie Slotnick, Stacy Hill, Stephen Prina, Suara Welitoff, Susan Stoops, Tatyana Gubash, Will Oldham and Yves Klein among others, all with Andrew Witkin

untitled, 1996 -

ping pong balls, stainless steel square-head screws, assorted found stones, baltic birch plywood, alabaster, cork, one wad of paper, among other materials

approximately 48 x 48 x 36 inches


(with works by Heide Fasnacht & Jodie Manasevit)


(with work by Taylor Davis, Jim Isermann & Claire Barclay)


(with work by Jim Isermann & Claire Barclay)



(with work by Tony Feher & Yinka Shonibare)